What do you offer?

On site professional airbrush makeup services for brides, commercials, editorials, and film.

What is airbrush makeup and how is it different from foundation?

Airbrush makeup delivers a flawless skin like finish in person and in photos, It is ultra-lightweight but still able to give you full coverage without getting that cakey look you can sometimes get with regular foundation and most importantly for your big day airbrush makeup is water resistant so it will last all day through the tears and hugs and for summer time brides it will last through sweat!

What does a bridal trial entail?

Trials can take place as soon as you like, and are available to take place in studio, or on-site locations. Travel fees MAY  apply for onsite locations. Allow for 2 hours for a bridal trail. We wouldn’t want to rush through your trial!

Do you travel for destination events?

Yes. Packages are available upon inquiry. Airfare, hotel accommodations, transportation & travel fees apply. Please fill out the contact form. 

What if I don’t like makeup look?

I always recommend a trial prior to your wedding day so that we can take the time to get to know each other and talk through your wants and needs, how you want to feel and what you may absolutely know you do not want in your makeup look.. I will take my time through each step of makeup application during your trial to ensure we are on the right track for you. If in the end you are still unhappy we are able to redo the makeup right then and there and try out a completely different look. If you are on the fence about the makeup we are able to do another trial at another time so that you have time to leave and wear the makeup and see it in different lights to see if you truly love it or not. We will work to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your look. It’s okay to not know what you want in a makeup look so we can try out different looks.

Can I schedule my bridal trial to coincide with my engagement or bridal portraits or any other event?

Absolutely! I recommend it! It is a good way to see how the makeup look photographs to make sure it’s what you want on your special day. Get the most out of your makeup look!

Can I schedule you to stay onsite to provide touch ups for the photos?

Yes! Touch up hours are a great service to refresh your look.! This is based on an hourly rate but it is so worth it to get a refresh after all the hugs, kisses, eating and drinking! I can also leave you with a little sample of your lipstick as well if you prefer to just have a little lip touch up with the assistance of a bridesmaid (this is free of charge)

Will you assist me in planning when I should start getting ready?

Yes, depending on how many people are needed for makeup application and when you photographer suggest you need to be dressed and ready to go I can help you figure out the best time to start everyone with makeup so that everyone is finished on time and ready to get dressed.

I’m excited, how do I book you?

Once I have received your completed questionnaire, I will prepare a contract for you based off your requests. After your contract is signed, and the retainer payment is received, the date will be yours!